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The INDAR PMG series of generators, specially designed for the wind energy sector, comprises a wide range of cooling systems (with external water or air cooler), voltage levels and constructions.

This series comprises the general product range of the wind energy industry in its most usual speed and power range. The core of the series, however, is the adaptation to the specific needs of the client and the integration of the complete solution with the converter.

With proven experience in this product range, permanent magnets allow its high performance, while the main design standards are reliability, cost and the optimization of the maintenance.

These generators are classified in two general groups according to their speed.


PMG LS SERIES (Direct Drive): for direct-drive machines, directly coupled to the turbine blades, without the need for a gearbox. Regarding these applications and from the very beginning, our design team takes into consideration the adaptation to the requirements of our clients and the integration with the joint development of the generator and the turbine.


PMG HS SERIES: for high speed machines with 3 stage gearboxes. This product range is particularly appropriate for previous developments in DFIG technology, allowing for an easy adaptation of the turbine to this technology by means of permanent magnets. As a result, the dimensions can be adapted, the weight is reduced and the efficiency of the solution is increased.

PMG MS SERIES: for medium speed machines with 1 or 2 stage gearboxes, where the optimization of the full package gearbox, generator and converter has a remarkable impact on the ultimate performance of the turbine. Having worked together with different gearbox manufacturers, INDAR has proven experience in the development of this product range and adapts its designs to the particular needs in a continuous process of optimization.


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