PV plant control and management for large-scale power plants

The INGECON SUN PlantController is a brand new development to help the grid operator to predict the PV plant performance.

It features an advanced algorithm that is combined with a fast and efficient communications system with responses times of less than one second, permitting a precise control of the active and reactive power delivered to the grid.

The flexible and smart control solution

The INGECON SUN PlantController will manage the operation of the PV inverters, and it can also control battery inverters and diesel gensets. This controller comprises two basic systems: measurement and control. It can additionally incorporate a communication channel with the grid operator in order to receive the operating setpoints.

In order to determine the operating setpoints for each inverter and transmit the setpoints through the communication network, the Plant Controller measures the active power, the frequency, the reactive power and the voltage at the connection point. It also measures the instantaneous active and reactive power values from the various inverters and it takes the grid operator’s requirements to establish some parameters, such as power ramps, active power reserve, voltage at the point of connection, etc.