The INGECON SUN 1Play photovoltaic inverters feature a double MPP tracking system that enables it to harness the maximum power from the PV field, even under difficult situations, such as partial shadings, scattered clouds or on-roof installations with different orientations.

High Efficiency System

Thanks to the High Efficiency System developed by Ingeteam for this PV inverter series and to the use of innovative electronic conversion topologies, maximum efficiency values of up to 98% can be achieved.

In domestic installations, these inverters present the great advantage of being compatible with 30 mA RCDs, the most commonly used to protect the people against fatal electric discharges.

Last generation technology

Ingeteam is at the forefront of firmware development. The display menu of the 1Play inverters has been designed to ensure an easy user access. Moreover, these PV inverters allow the user to perform the firmware updating himself by using a simple SD memory card.

The 1Play solar inverters feature silicon carbide (SiC) components. SiC technology allows higher efficiency levels and also a more reliable, light and compact equipment.