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  • 300 watts of charging power
  • Fully isolated input-output
  • One or two bank charging
  • Two or three stage charging profiles
  • Temperature compensation
  • Ultra-quiet low EMI operation
  • 12 to 72 VDC inputs
  • Rugged and reliable to ensure years of safe and trouble free operation
  • Two year warranty (parts & labor)

Two Year Warranty Seal

Isolated BCD series chargers feature precision charging voltages for 1 or 2 banks of batteries at 12, 24, 32, 36 or 48 volts DC. Models are available to operate from input voltages as low as 10 VDC and up to 400 VDC at power levels from 300 to 1500 watts.

This unit is built for service in high moisture, rugged environments; the BCD315MW Series features expanded operating temperature, MIL-spec connectors, and military-grade shock and vibration protection. Additionally this unit is sealed to meet the IP66 rating (IP67 protection available as an option). Full isolation allows different ground levels to be accommodated (i.e. Charging a positive ground battery from a negative ground source or vice-versa).

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